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Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, known as the “City of Oaks” because of its numerous oak trees that line the streets. Although historic, Raleigh is a vibrant place to work and live, bursting with youthful energy and entrepreneurial spirit. However, all the beautiful things often hide the dark underneath daily living. For years, the cost of living in Raleigh, NC, has been increasing, and it seems like it won’t be changing any time soon.

You need a good credit score to deal with the everyday personal and business costs – and when it comes to long-term plans or more significant expenses, many people feel desperate.

Consultation with a Credit Repair Company

Great American Credit Repair offers professional consultation and credit repair services Raleigh residents deserve. We can help you and your family take the financial future back into your hands.

Having a Good Credit Score Make Things Simple

When you have a good credit score, life is much easier. You have the resources to buy a new home, car, pay for college, and your interest rates are significantly lower. With a good credit score in Raleigh, NC, taking out a loan is as simple as walking into the nearest bank and asking for it.

What Is a Bad Credit Score?

The average credit score in Raleigh, NC, is between 600-700. Anything below that can decrease your chances of making big purchases such as a car or home. While some creditors and lenders will work with credit scores below 600, the interest rate will be higher than for someone who has a higher score.

What Causes a Low Credit Score?

However, the ugly truth is that medical emergencies, job loss, poor financial decisions, student loans, and divorce can happen to anyone. These are the common factors that can decrease your credit score and make it harder for you to ask for the necessary loan.

The Struggle Is Real

With a low credit score in Raleigh, you may also find yourself struggling to get approval for refinancing, a mortgage, or better interest rates. The traditional Raleigh credit repair companies are not enough to fix the score, and that is why many people feel hopeless and without options.

Stay Away From Fraudulent Credit Repair Services

Many often turn to fraudulent credit repair services in Raleigh, NC, hoping to receive a new credit score when looking for a specialized credit repair company. Fake credit repair companies take your money and provide you with inaccurate information. These companies switch out social security numbers and create new credit scores for their clients, which is illegal and can cost you your freedom. If you get caught, you will be accused of a crime and have to pay hefty fines.

What Is the Solution?

At Great American Credit Repair, we take a different approach. Our credit repair experts do things legally; instead of changing social security numbers, they remove items from the credit report to increase the score.

#1 Service For Credit Report Repair Raleigh, NC

If you are sick of struggling with a bad credit score in Raleigh, we can take the pressure off your shoulders. After the initial credit consultation, your score can go up in 45 days. Once your score results start increasing, you can start planning a better future for yourself.

Can I Repair Credit Score By Myself?

Improving credit score on your own is possible, but it can take years. Working and paying your bills don’t remove negative items on the credit bureau report. You need a professional in Raleigh credit repair to guide you in the restoration process.

Our Credit Repair Raleigh Process

At Great American Credit Repair Raleigh, we adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What Is FCRA?

The act allows citizens to discuss and dispute negative items on the report. Once our credit repair company looks at your credit history and payment history, we will discuss which components we can remove from the credit reports to raise your score. It is then up to the lender to prove that the information is 100% accurate. If the bank fails to verify the item, the credit reporting agency removes the item from your report, and your score goes up.

How Is It in Practice?

Lenders use the FICO scoring system to calculate the credit score. For example, if your credit score is currently 400, and you have ten negative items on the report, we will discuss which items to remove. Once we remove them one by one, your score will go up to 450, then 500, and more.

We develop a specific plan based on the credit bureaus reports and use the law to our client’s advantage to allow them to borrow the money they need to secure their financial future.

Is Credit Repair Raleigh Legal?

Yes, as any Raleigh citizen, you have rights, and our credit repair company wants to leverage them to help you get the loan you deserve. Laws have been in place for decades to protect people like you from unfair collections.

Why Do People Trust Us With Credit Repair Raleigh?

Our Raleigh credit repair team has years of experience sending dispute letters to banks and creditors and tracking changes to benefit our clients.

Comprehensive Services

Our team consists of experienced lawyers and an investigative research crew, collaborating to develop a strategy based on credit bureaus reports and improving clients’ credit card scores.

We can help with:

  • Complex credit repair
  • Charge offs removal in Raleigh, NC
  • Late payments removal
  • Bankruptcy
  • Late payments
  • Credit coaching
  • Debt navigation and settlement
  • Student loan

Fast and Efficient Credit Reports Repair Raleigh, NC

The process for credit repair in Raleigh can take up to 9 months – although most are done in 3 months or less – while more complex consultations and cases can take longer. Signing up with a fraudulent credit repair consultant can take years and end with no or poor results. We improve credit history quickly and permanently.

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If you are concerned about your credit standing and looking for a service company to help with credit repair, there is no better option than Great American Credit Repair.

Like millions of others, you rely on your credit score to make payments for everyday expenses, a new home, or a car, and a bad score can ruin your personal and business life.

With our unmatched credit repair work ethic, dedication, and expertise, we will get your future back on track.

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