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Do you need a reliable debt management plan via credit counseling and credit counseling services? Tampa Bay, Florida, held a collective debt from credit cards of $66.4 billion in the second quarter of 2019—the highest number in the country. If you find yourself in debt and the budget needs professional assistance, call Great American Credit Repair for a top consumer credit counseling service in Tampa Bay.

Consumer credit counseling and credit counseling services (Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas) are essential resources for local business owners and residents alike. Many individuals and local businesses prefer to tackle their credit and debt counseling by cutting corners or laying off people who work for them.

Individuals who have high credit card debt prefer to budget and look up information online when counseling services are readily available, but broader events may influence the trends. The COVID-19 pandemic was one instance that fueled various credit counseling services and similar agencies in Tampa, FL. Businesses were transferring the soaring interest from financial agencies to their clients, employees, and consumers, and people needed help from reliable agencies like Great American Credit Repair.

Professionals like us offer credit and debt counseling services that give clients the support and resources they need to avoid pitfalls on their way to a clean credit score. Ignoring advice from a consumer credit counseling service might lead to frustration with banks or financial agencies that want more money. Call our number today if you’re contemplating bankruptcy—we can assist you with sound financial advice and many other services.

How does a Credit Counseling Agency Benefit Borrowers in Florida?

At Great American Credit Repair, our counselors believe that everyone is capable of making financial mistakes. Most people who offer credit services are survivors of grave financial situations who want to share their wisdom with people who need it. However, credit counseling agencies do more than erase credit card debt so that people can shop again.

Many people in Tampa Bay, Florida, accumulate debts that could render them homeless without our experienced consultants’ effective housing counseling services. Creditors might begin reaching out via the office phone or asking for the phone number of some friends. Don’t worry; our Tampa credit repair service will give you a chance to fight those who jeopardize your financial health with these deceptive tactics.

Each counselor from Great American Credit Repair has all the necessary training and certifications to help you sort through debt problems. If you contact our professionals for phone counseling, they’ll be happy to discuss trickier topics, such as housing counseling or the contents of your credit report. If you want help in person, we are also available to develop an effective repayment plan.

Are you searching for credit counseling and credit counseling services? Tampa, FL, results often land you in nonprofit offices behind a hundred other Floridians waiting for assistance. Why not reach a Great American Credit Repair counselor via a phone support consultation, text, appointment, or a walk-in visit at the office instead?

Your budget needs will be a priority, and we will help you plan repayments to your lending organization to start you on a debt-free path. If you’re thinking of declaring bankruptcy, it’s essential to exhaust all resources and avenues for repayment, and our reliable agency can help you with that endeavor. We will provide some of the education you need to help yourself or your organization with debts. You don’t have to be on the list of a local government organization or watchdog agency to ask for our assistance.

How a Consumer Credit Counseling Service Works in Florida

At our company, we entertain calls from myriad consumers in Florida who need support in sorting out their financial problems without charge. You don’t have to be a club member or frequent customer to access our financial education and information. However, some counseling services require in-depth discussions of your sensitive financial information or your company, so we prefer to talk in person.

At the appointment, we will assign a trustworthy member of our counseling services team to serve as your advisor. We create a debt management plan (or DMP) account for most of our customers to deposit money on a schedule. More than providing financial education, our clients also trust us to help them form a budget and formulate a plan to decrease their liabilities systematically.

A DMP account is born from an agreement between our client, their crediting agencies, and the credit counseling service advising them. Most creditors are content to lower interest rates as long as a client makes these payments on schedule. Our DMP service usually concludes within 48 months.

Suppose our client does not want to be a member of the credit institution that’s been on their case. In that case, DMP plans are an integral part of housing counseling, repaying business debt, and eliminating lingering student loans.

Do You Require Help with Debt Settlement?

If you feel like you’re drowning in debts, you’re not alone. A Tampa resident typically has a full-time office job, a multi-income home, and a college-level education, yet they still hold an average of $90,000 in debt. Working with credit counseling agencies is essential to developing repayment schedules and putting a number on risk assessments.

A premier credit counseling service like Great American Credit Repair also enjoys many benefits from working closely with lending institutions. They know we can provide efficient repayment schedules to our clients and are content to drastically lower or eliminate interest obligations. If you can’t pay on schedule, we have their customer care page and phone number on standby, so you can easily give notice in advance.

However, we are not a debt consolidation or settlement company. For example, our professionals cannot legally negotiate on your behalf to reduce the money you owe. What we can do is to provide assurances to lending institutions of your capacity to pay, which will reduce your risk of bankruptcy and waive numerous late fees.

Reach us by Text, Telephone, and Online Appointments for Counseling Services

Great American Credit Repair is proud to be the top-rated credit counseling service in Florida. We enjoy five-star reviews in every service area. Get expert counseling today by keying our phone number at 1-800-603-1943 or visiting our office at 601 North Ashley Drive, Ste 1100, Tampa, FL 33602.

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