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Between working hard every day, taking care of your home, and maintaining a social life, life can feel like a hectic balancing act. Life can throw curveballs at you, quickly disrupting your financial stability and leading to credit problems. Unforeseen events such as an illness, emergency repairs at your place, or losing a job can escalate and lead to a low credit score due to unpaid bills or defaulting on student loans.

Everyone can make a mistake or face an unexpected financial hiccup that causes their credit score to plummet. It happens even to the most financially responsible people. When your credit score determines your ability to pay your bills on time or repay a loan, bad credit scores can mean lenders in Fort Lauderdale will refuse to do business with you.

What may seem like a minor hurdle, like missing a few payments on your credit cards, can result in extra fees on your utility bills, denied mortgage applications, higher debt settlement fees, higher interest rates on loans, and higher insurance premiums. Achieving your goals means fixing your score and getting your financials back in order.

When the time comes to start improving credit scores, most Florida residents find themselves overwhelmed. That’s where a credit repair service comes in.

Florida Credit Repair the Right Way

At Great American Credit Repair, we provide legitimate credit repair services tailored to fit each client’s unique needs, goals, and challenges. Many Fort Lauderdale residents fall victim to fraudulent companies that promise to give them entirely new credit files at a fee. These companies switch out consumers’ social security numbers and create new credit reports – an illegal process that could end up in a criminal charge.

Your report provides information such as whether you’ve made timely payments on your loans or credit card debts, how much credit you have, the amount of available credit you’re using, and whether anyone has sent a loan you owe to a debt collector.

There is no magic formula to raising your credit score instantly, but through legal means, we can help you give your score a deserved bump through debt elimination. Rather than create fictitious credit reports, our credit repair company removes the negative records from credit reports legally. 

Your credit score can start going up in as little as 45 days when you work with us. Most clients begin seeing improvement in 90 days. As a local Florida credit repair company, we take pride in helping our clients qualify for loan approval, consequently saving them thousands of dollars over their loan terms.

How Does the Florida Credit Repair Process Work?

Did you know that the Fair Credit Reporting Act is your ticket to improving your credit score legally? It allows individuals to dispute negative items on their credit reports. When you dispute one, the creditor has to prove that the item is 100% accurate.

If a creditor fails to verify the item, the credit reporting agency can remove it. Every time a negative item is removed from your credit report, your score goes up.

By challenging unverifiable, outdated, or inaccurate information, including lender credit report errors and incorrect personal details, our credit repair services can help you rebuild your financial standing, clear your name, and free you from the restraints of a poor credit score.

Our clients’ needs are our top priority. It might seem implausible that a credit card or loan could impact owning your dream home in Fort Lauderdale, but it means a lot. Some of the negative items that could be tainting your credit rating include:

  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossessions
  • Tax liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • And other inaccuracies

Here’s how we can help:
Step 1: The first step of the process begins with a credit consultation. At this stage, our experienced professionals will discuss your goals and current financial situation.

Step 2: Our team will then perform an audit to uncover inaccuracies and errors on your credit report that will help us during the dispute process. Whether it’s tax liens on taxes already paid or a debt settlement issue that you resolved, we’ll find each one.

Step 3: Next, we’ll prepare custom dispute letters to challenge the errors on your report. This is where we utilize consumer protection laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Step 4: Once we’ve delivered the disputes to the credit bureaus and creditors, we wait for them to respond (within 30 to 45 days).

Step 5: As part of the dispute process, our company will review, re-challenge, or escalate any disputes or items that any credit bureau doesn’t verify, delete, or correct.

Step 6: Once we’ve verified that your report is 100% accurate, it’s time for you to take advantage of your improved credit score, start enjoying lower interest rates, and save money.

Professional Credit Repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The legal framework in Florida is a bit complicated, which is why you need expert credit repair services. At Great American Credit Repair, we have experience and expertise fighting for Fort Lauderdale residents. We know how to write effective dispute letters to ensure proper verification of information by creditors and compliance by the credit bureaus.

We dedicate our time and effort to our customers, and we’ve designed the process to benefit them the most. While there’s no harm in trying to challenge creditors on your own, many Fort Lauderdale residents end up frustrated and disappointed. When you work with us, we guarantee our work with the Triple Results Warranty.

Besides credit repair services, we offer credit repair consultation services and education to help you maintain your improved credit score for years to come. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service so that you have someone to speak to and discuss any concerns or questions anytime throughout the process.

Improve Your Credit Score Today

Bad credit scores can make your life more difficult than it should be. At Great American Credit Repair, we’ve built our credit repair services on the belief that a few mistakes in your financial past shouldn’t become a powerful defining aspect of your life. Our services aim to give you more freedom, so you’re not a victim of your financial past.

If you’re looking for one of the top credit repair services in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Great American Credit Repair. We provide the best credit repair services in Fort Lauderdale. Improving your credit score is just a phone call away. Contact us today to start your journey to financial freedom.

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