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If you want to take control of your finances and improve your credit score, you might be considering options for learning the ropes to a brighter financial future. From scouring the internet for free advice to using a credit repair company, there are endless options available to help guide you down the path towards financial security.


Who should you trust for good advice?


Let’s liken your financial health to your own physical health. When you are unwell or have troubling symptoms, do you turn to Dr. Google for answers or do you make an appointment with your family doctor?


It probably depends on how serious your symptoms are. Most people tend to turn to the internet for medical advice about minor issues, while serious concerns are usually brought to a medical doctor’s attention to receive expert attention and advice.


The same rationale should apply when it comes to your financial health. If you are in serious financial trouble, your credit score is low, or you desperately need a financial check-up, a credit repair company is an expert you should turn to.


What does a credit repair company do for you?  


  • Performs a complete audit of your credit report


  • Identifies any errors or omissions on your credit report which could be lowering your score, raising your interest rates and preventing you from getting approved for loans


  • Common errors include:
    • Outdated information
    • Multiple entries for the same debt, which can occur when debts go to a collection agency
    • Accounts, bankruptcy or legal action that aren’t yours
    • Misspellings, which can mean you are not getting credit for positive entries or are getting negative entries from someone else with a similar name
    • Incorrect dates
    • Debts that should not be on your report due to age
    • Debts that can’t be proven or verified


  • Disputes the errors on your behalf and may follow-up to ensure that they do not reappear on your credit report.


How much does it cost?


A reputable credit repair company can cost up to $100 per month. You might also be charged initial fees for setting up the service and/or obtaining credit reports. Although you can order your credit reports on your own and review them yourself for less cost, you also need to consider the time it will take you to complete this tedious process and the confidence you have in your ability to do a good job.


What should you look for in a credit repair company?


Take the time to do your research so you know you will be working with a reputable credit repair company who is honest and will make your financial interests a priority. Review their websites, read their business reviews and meet with them prior to making a commitment.


The Credit Repair Organizations Act protects consumers from unethical or misleading credit repair organizations by ensuring consumers are provided with the information necessary to make informed decisions about their finances. Under this act, credit repair companies are barred from charging advance payments and must provide contracts in writing. The act also gives you the right to cancel services within 3 days without being charged.


Many reputable companies offer free consultation services so you can determine if you feel comfortable with them. Be wary of businesses who claim they can wipe legitimate debts off your credit report or help you create a new identity. Instead, look for companies who will teach you how to handle existing debts and coach you on good credit practices.


Choosing to work with a trustworthy credit repair company could be the best investment you make for your financial health.


Your path to financial freedom can start right today with Great American Credit Repair – the company you know you can trust. Contact us at 1-800-603-1943 to receive expert advice on how you can repair your credit score and achieve your financial dreams.


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