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Order a current 3 bureau Credit Report

Please follow the instructions below to obtain a current copy of your Credit Report ($1) and schedule your FREE Credit Repair Consultation with a Credit Advisor.  Make an Appointment


1. Order Your Credit Report

2. Submit Credit Report Login

3. We Audit Your Report

After you have submitted your Name, E-mail, Credit Report Access Information and Phone Number, our Sr. Credit Advisor will contact you within 48 hours to give you your free consultation. We will answer all of your questions, go over with your customized action plan and discuss the next step. We are very excited to work with you.

Richard Straw – Radford, Virginia

Richard straw getting credit consultation

Bob, You’re great, and again thanks so much. I wish I could meet you just to shake your hand and say thanks in person. Honestly, all b.s. aside, you have saved some part of my life. My ex-wife made a shambles of my financial life and I was too stupid or complacent to realize what was happening. I have learned so much from working with you and I could never have done what you’ve done for me on my own. If you are ever feeling low just remember there is some guy up in Virginia that thinks what you do is about as good as it gets. Take care and thanks a million.
Thanks again.

Jennifer and Mike Weisberg – Deerfield Beach, Florida

Jennifer and mike at a credit repair convention

Great news, I checked my credit score today and I’m over 700 with all three bureaus… one even says “Excellent”! I would just like to thank you for all of the work you have done to get my credit to where it is today…. I am happy to say that my husband and I will be closing on our new home tomorrow and we would not have been able to qualify for our loan without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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