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Avoid Paying Interest 100% of the Time

Interest adds up. This means you are paying over and above a purchase price on every purchase you make when there is a revolving balance on your charge cards. You can easily avoid these finance charges by paying your charge card in full each month by the time the grace period is up. Lesson: Never charge unless you are financially certain you can pay off the balance each month and try to open up and use credit cards without an annual fee. In addition to saving yourself unnecessary and often excessive interest charges, it also frees up your charge card in case an emergency arises requiring you to make a purchase.

The Downsides of Paying Interest

There is really is no upside to paying interest, but, there are plenty of downsides. Having the convenience of paying back your charge card balances over time costs you in interest. Purchasing with a credit card appears so simple. You can make the purchases you want and get the instant gratification of taking those purchases home, however, the reality is that this borrowed money must be paid back. Each month as you pay toward your credit card balances, you are left with less money for daily living. The high interest these cards charge accrues each month taking, even more money from you and the higher the interest rate, the more extra money you are paying. Since this interest is spread over time, it may seem like an insignificant amount, but, any amount above and beyond the purchase price is money that could be better spent on necessities. Decrease the amount of interest you pay increases the amount you can spend on more useful or desirable purchases.

Ways to Save Money With Credit Cards

  1. Open credit cards without an annual fee. Research the best cards for your shopping and spending habits and your ability to pay.
  2. Use credit cards that offer rewards only if you can pay off the balance each month. These reward cards offer cash or travel for the purchases you make. These cards carry higher interest rates, so, if you can not pay them off monthly, it is best to apply for low-interest credit cards.
  3. Consolidate and transfer debt to a 0% APR credit card with care. If the balance is not paid off after the introductory offer in addition to the 3% transfer fee, the bank can charge the full amount of interest. It is essential that you can pay off these balances.
  4. Always pay more than the minimum on time. Paying the minimum will ensure you pay on your credit cards for a much longer period. It also ensures high-interest rates and exorbitant late fees if your monthly payment is late.
  5. Try to not use your card for cash advances. What you get in convenience, you will make up for in transfer fees and interest.
  6. Do not own too many cards. It is best practice to use one card, reap all the rewards and pay off that balance monthly.
  7. Using a credit card for emergencies can prove to be a very costly endeavor as there may be delays paying it back leaving you with potential late fees and high-interest rates.
  8. Speak to your bank about lowering the interest rate on your credit card. If you are a long-standing customer with good credit, the bank may agree to a lower interest rate.

Avoid Paying Interest Boca Raton

Great American Credit Repair has counselors who can educate and guide you in making responsible and sound financial decisions. We offer credit counseling to assist with using credit cards responsibly to avoid high-interest charges and can help you create a budget that works within your means to pay back any debt in the shortest amount of time. This will free up your credit cards and your money, so they can both be used for the things in life you need.

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